1. Things to Consider When Selecting Window Treatments For Your Home

    Adding new window treatment to your space is a great way to define its style, color scheme, and the lighting of a space. Choosing the right window treatment can help anchor the overall look of your home, but with so many available options to choose from, making the right decision for your space can …Read More

  2. Choosing The Right Commercial Shades

    Did you know that both temperature and natural lighting can have an influence on employee productivity in the office? Additionally, the way an office is decorated can have a significant impact on not only the productivity of employees but also their mood. With all these factors coming into play, cho…Read More

  3. Keep Cooling Costs Low This Summer With Interior Shades

    With Texas summertime temperatures consistently reaching over 90 degrees, homeowners are always looking for ways to keep cool and comfortable. Sure, air conditioning is an effective solution to keep your home cool, but when it’s running non-stop during the summertime it shouldn’t come as a surpr…Read More

  4. Consider Adding Roller Patio Screens To Your Space

    Your patio or outdoor living space is not only a place where you can relax and enjoy the great outdoors but it also a space where you can entertain guests throughout the summer. While the open air of a patio can be great in the springtime and early summer, once the glaring Texas heat arrives your sp…Read More

  5. What Is The Best Window Covering For Your Home?

    Having uncovered windows in your home can make rooms feel lacking and bland. Many homeowners choose to cover their windows to not only block out light, but also to protect their privacy. However, the interior window coverings homeowners choose will radically differ from home to home. While some home…Read More

  6. Create An Outdoor Sanctuary With Custom Exterior Shades

    When you think of shading solutions for your home, you most likely think of interior shades, blinds, or other window treatments. However, many homeowners do not realize that exterior shades are just as important to the comfort and style of their home. Exterior shading products such as retractable sh…Read More

  7. Reasons To Install Commercial Roller Shades In Your Office

    There are certain factors that everyone knows affect workplace productivity, but there is one important factor that is often overlooked by most employers across the nation: lighting. Nobody likes being stuck in a drab, dark setting, and according to a study, 68 percent of employees complain about th…Read More

  8. Choosing The Best Window Treatments For Your Home

    Window coverings can either make or break the space they are added to. The wrong window treatment can make a room feel bare and inadequate. With the right window treatment, however, homeowners can not only complement their windows, but they can also enhance the look of a room. When it comes to choos…Read More

  9. Tips To Make Your Patio Space More Comfortable

    The springtime is perhaps the most enjoyable season of the year in Texas! Warmer weather, chirping birds, and blooming trees and flowers are just a few things that the Texas spring brings, making it an ideal time for homeowners to get outside and enjoy their patios or outdoor living spaces before th…Read More

  10. The Benefits of Patio Shade

    The spring season is a few weeks in, and before you know it, summer and the intense Texas sun and heat will be here. As much as we love getting some of that Vitamin D and heat that resonates so well with that Texas summer feel, the summer conditions can be a little much at times. If you enjoy spendi…Read More

  11. 5 Reasons To Consider Motorized Shades In Texas

    In today’s world, we can manage just about anything from the palm of our hand. Tasks that used to take effort or required you to go somewhere can now be done with the touch of a button. Using a mobile device, tablet, or remote control, you can power on and off electronics, shut your garage door, e…Read More

  12. Welcome To The DropShade Texas Blog

    The team at DropShade Texas wants to welcome you to our very first blog post! We are excited to use our blog to educate our fellow Texans with tips, tricks, articles, and other helpful resources when it comes to sun control in your home or business. In today’s post, we figured we’d kick off our …Read More