Create an Outdoor Sactuary With Custom Exterior Shades

Rain or shine, exterior shades can be an incredible asset. Even better, custom exterior shades can be customized to fit your space, style, and preferences. With custom exterior shades in Texas, you can take some of the heat off of your favorite outdoor spaces at home.


At DropShade Texas, our team wants to provide you with the very best exterior shades to keep you cool and comfortable during the summer heat. From small patio shades that can be used to block out the sun’s rays every now and then to large, heavy-duty shades that provide superior sun protection, DropShade offers excellent shading solutions for your home. With a variety of styles of both manual and motorized solar protection systems available, we can match our shades to your needs


Texas summers are hot — but not as hot as custom exterior shades. There are many benefits of investing in exterior shades, and with summer right around the corner, now is a great time to opt for exterior shade installation! Some of the most significant custom exterior shades benefits include:

  • Save On Cooling Costs. Exterior sun shades can help you save on energy costs — by as much as 25% to 40%!
  • Eliminate Glare. Exterior shades help deter the sun’s glare, meaning you can enjoy your outdoor space without the need for sunglasses!
  • Effective Bug Control. Exterior shade screens not only offer more sun control, but they also offer more bug control as well.
  • Customizable To Meet Your Needs. With custom exterior shades, you can find the perfect shading solution to fit your space and accent your home just like you want.
  • Easily Retractable. Exterior shades are easily retractable for the cooler months.
  • Motorized Capability. Exterior shades can be motorized for even easier handling.

And the biggest benefit of all? Custom exterior shades let you spend more time where you want to be this summer: comfortably enjoying the outdoors!


Outdoor patio shades are customizable to each home. Programmable timers allow homeowners to close their sun shades to protect their homes during specific times of the day, like those when the sun is shining directly through the window or when they want to cover while they are away. And with multiple motor control, you can control all of your outdoor sun shades with just one remote!


Exterior shades are a smart investment for your home, and with a long-term satisfaction warranty, you can feel even better about outfitting your home with custom exterior shades from DropShade Texas! Our quality craftsmanship provides you with an outdoor shading system can be used for years to come!


If you’re intrigued by the possibilities with custom exterior sun shades in Texas, you should trust the experts at DropShade Texas to provide you with the solutions you need to do the job right. Outdoor sun shades are a great home investment to make in time for the summer time. And even when it’s not extremely hot, exterior shades will protect your home’s furnishings from the sun’s harmful UV rays. To learn more about our custom exterior shades, contact us for a free quote!