The Benefits Of Patio Shade

If you enjoy spending time outside on your patio or other outdoor space but are tired of the sun beating down on you in the sweltering heat, exterior patio shades are an addition that is definitely worth some consideration. At DropShade Texas, we carry a wide selection of patio shades that are the perfect upgrade for your outdoor space. Below, we are going to share a few benefits of our patio shades and why you should consider one for your outdoor area.


Being outside can be so therapeutic. However, it’s hard to fully enjoy your outdoor areas during the summer — especially when temperatures soar and the sun’s rays are at their most intense. Exterior solar shades can significantly reduce the amount of heat that is transferred into your patio space and even the adjacent rooms of your home. Available in a wide range of configurations, patio shades give people the opportunity to shade even the most complex spaces, increasing their usability and overall comfort.


The sun’s rays can be extremely damaging to your skin and can leave you with some pretty bad sunburn if you aren’t careful. Luckily, patio shades from DropShade Texas significantly reduce harmful UV rays from the sun and make it safe for you to enjoy your outdoor space no matter the time of day.


At DropShade, we offer exterior shades in a variety of materials. Our patio shades are even available in multiple opacities. Even though the shades provide blockage from the sun’s UV rays, the material is still open enough to where you can still enjoy the view outside.


Nothing is worse than when the sun’s glare is so bad you cannot even see, let alone enjoy spending time outside. Exterior patio shades help deter the glare from the sun, meaning you will be able to enjoy your exterior area without the need for sunglasses!


With just a simple turn of the wrist or a quick touch of a button, you’re in full control of the sun. We offer a variety of both manual and automatic patio shades that give you the convenience of controlling whether you want the shade or not. Extend or retract your patio shades depending on how much shade or sun you desire.


Not all outdoor spaces are the same, some require different sizes and installment options for exterior shades, and we are able to accommodate all of them. Additionally, patio shades can be installed like traditional shades and mounted flush inside window frames, and they can also be mounted outside the window frame on the wall, the window molding, or even the ceiling itself for optimal versatility and compatibility.

Hopefully, these five benefits are enough to convince you that patio shades are worth the investment. When you are looking for patio shades in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, you can rely on DropShade Texas for a great selection of exterior shades. With choices like overhead shades, outdoor blinds, patio shade covers, retractable deck awnings, and so much more our team will help you find the right solution for your outdoor space. To learn more benefits of our exterior shades or to schedule a consultation, contact our team today!