5 Reasons To Consider Motorized Shades In Texas

At DropShade Texas we are the leaders in sun control, offering shade solutions for your home or office, including automatic or motorized shades. These shades make life easier so to speak. And, as they have become more popular in recent years, an added benefit is the increased value that they bring to your home or office space. But that is only the start. Below, we are going to review some reasons why you should consider adding motorized window shades to your residential or commercial space.


You may not realize it, but the ability to adjust your shades at the push of a button is incredibly convenient. With motorized window treatments, you can open or close individual or multiple window shades at once with one remote. What’s more, you can even set your window blinds and shades to automatically open and close when you want so you don’t have to even worry about it. No more constantly getting up to adjust the shades to block sun rays!


With these motorized window shades, you are always in control of your home’s natural lighting. These window treatments give you the power to adapt your blinds and shades to your needs. You can set the perfect scene of your living room and your window shades will follow right in line. With just a click of a button, you have the ambiance of any room in your home totally under your discretion. With the added convenience of this technology and advanced user control, it’s no wonder why more and more people are having motorized shades added to their spaces.


Don’t believe that it can get any better? In addition to added convenience and control, these motorized shades come in a wide range of different designs and styles so that you can customize your automated window treatments for any room in your home or office. And that’s not all, your interior window shades can also be enhanced with timers, computer controls, and sunlight sensors. Gone are the days of limited window treatment options — these motorized shades have a seemingly endless amount of customizable opportunities readily available that will meet your style preferences.


Shades are a stylish solution for privacy. Motorized shades are perfect for hard-to-reach windows such as those in a stairway niche, surrounding your garden tub or an elevated vaulted ceiling area. In a space with multiple windows or French doors, these shades can be a tremendous convenience and time-saver. And some shade fabrics even offer a one-way weave, which block visibility into your home without interrupting your view to the outdoors.


Believe it or not, motorized shades can also help lower utility costs, which are definitely a concern in the summer months in Texas. Window treatments that were once out of reach can now be adjusted to block out the heat or let in the evening sun. Not only are there timers and sunlight sensors that can be integrated to your shades, but if you forgot to close your shades before leaving for work, you can do it remotely so your home isn’t filling with hot sunlight while you are gone.

Motorized window shades are intelligent and unique, all while adding convenience and comfort to your life. If you desire adding simplicity to your everyday life with motorized shades, DropShade Texas has the solutions you need. Our team of sun control experts will consult with you to fully understand your wishes and guide you to exactly what you are looking for in your home or office. If you are interested in receiving a hassle-free estimate for motorized shades in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, or the surrounding cities, contact DropShade Texas today!