1. Thanks for the good quality product…

    Dropshade, Thanks for the good quality product and excellent customer service! Check out Sam Schmidt's home here.…Read More

    Sam Schmidt
  2. Thank you for a great product that works well and does the job.

    Dear Dropshade, Living at Madeira Canyon in Anthem, we just wanted to express our complete satisfaction with the drop shade system. Our home is situated up on the hill where the wind can be horrendous at times. Since the installation a couple of weeks ago we have left the shades in the down position and they have been working great. Last night we had a horrible wind storm, and we remembered that w…Read More

    Jim and Cathy
  3. Great Job!

    To Dropshade, For once, it's great being in the shade. Great Job!…Read More

    Wayne Newton
  4. Thank’s DropShade!

    No more sun in the house. Thank's DropShade!…Read More

    Al Fried
  5. Thanks for your assistance and great work

    It is nice dealing with the factory outlet. Your team has done an excellent job of outfitting our sales office with shades that assists in blocking the heat from the sun. As a side note, many residents have also expressed satisfaction with your work on a daily basis. Thanks for your assistance and great work.…Read More

    Tony Preus