Your patio or outdoor living space is not only a place where you can relax and enjoy the great outdoors but it also a space where you can entertain guests throughout the summer. While the open air of a patio can be great in the springtime and early summer, once the glaring Texas heat arrives your space will become very uncomfortable. However, one way you can improve the usability of your outdoor space, especially during the summertime, is by installing roller patio screens.

What Are Roller Patio Screens?

Roller or retractable patio screens are durable exterior screens that can be implemented into almost any partially-enclosed structure. Roller patio screens are a popular choice for outdoor living spaces as they give homeowners the ability to open and close their patio space as they please. Don’t confuse these roller patio screens with stationary screens, because with stationary screens these there is only one option — a permanently enclosed outdoor living space.

Why Consider Adding Roller Patio Screens To Your Space

Of course, one of the most significant benefits, as mentioned, is the ability to open up or enclose a patio space. However, there are plenty of other reasons you should consider adding retractable patio screens to your space.

Added Privacy To Your Space

In addition to providing shade one some of the bright, glaring days, patio screens add an element of privacy to your outdoor space. With the perimeter of your space screened into a room, you’ll not only get added privacy from neighbors and anyone who can see into your yard, but also added privacy with noises that may otherwise carry into your yard, such as street traffic or next door parties.

Keeps The Bugs Out

The summer is the best time to enjoy your patio space, especially at night! That is until insects decide to crash the party, however. Once the sun goes down, you can put down your patio screens so that you and your guests can enjoy summer evenings without being pestered by bugs! What’s more, patio screens will make dining outside more enjoyable in any season, as your bug-free space can stay as clean and tidy as a room in your home.

Extends Usage

A screened-in patio will surely allow you to use your outdoor space more than you would without it. With protection from insects, added shade and privacy, and the ability to control how comfortable it is, a screened-in patio space is a great, long-lasting investment for your home and family.

These are just a few of the many reasons why you may want to consider adding roller or retractable patio screens to your outdoor space. If you are interested in adding patio screen or patio shade solutions to your outdoor space, you can trust that Dropshade Texas has exactly what you are looking for! We have been a leader in patio drop shades for years! Made from high-quality materials, our shading solutions are much like patio screens — they block out the sun’s UV rays, add privacy, offer protection from the elements and insects, and allow excellent outward visibility and ventilation.

If you are ready to find a shade solution for your space, contact the team at DropShade Texas today to receive free information!