With just a simple turn of the wrist or a quick touch of a button, you’re in full control of the sun. Maybe that’s oversimplifying the ease of a DropShade brand exterior shade, but you get the point. Enjoying the warmth and light of the sun on your terms is made easier with our quality, custom-made products.

Made to both simplify and beautify sun protection, our outdoor shades deliver luxury at a price that makes sense. We’ve always stayed on the cutting-edge of the industry when it comes to material selection and manufacturing techniques, and that drive for perfection allows us to back our products with a rock-solid satisfaction guarantee. With a variety of styles of both manual and motorized solar protection systems available, we can match our shades to your needs. Our products include overhead shades, outdoor blinds, patio shade covers, deck awnings, and so much more.

Exterior Shade Options

With DropShade, even south-facing patios can be made comfortable again. Regardless of the time of day, or time of the year, the quality and strength of your DropShade exterior shades promise protection from UV rays, heat, wind, errant golf balls, and misbehaving children. To a degree, anyway.

Seriously, homeowners who seek comfort as well as convenience and quality seek DropShade. We make it easy to make your patio or sunroom a place you’ll want to spend those winter mornings or summer afternoons. You’ll give less thought to the surrounding environment and more thought to the enjoyable ambiance created by your high-quality outdoor shades.

Allowing in light but keeping out the heat, glare, and uncomfortable winds that can limit your time outdoors, exterior shades by DropShade are manufactured with the industry’s best materials and controls. We can install shades up to 35 feet in length, with a 20-foot fabric drop. Enjoy every room and space of your home or business, both inside and out, with DropShade.

Discover the benefits of luxury custom exterior shades by contacting DropShade Texas now.