Did you know that both temperature and natural lighting can have an influence on employee productivity in the office? Additionally, the way an office is decorated can have a significant impact on not only the productivity of employees but also their mood. With all these factors coming into play, choosing commercial shades for your space holds a high level of importance. Choosing the right office shades should not only help you control the brightness in the workspace, but it will also help maintain the temperature and add style to the space for happier, more productive employees. For customer-facing businesses, choosing the right commercial shades can completely transform the environment your guests and visitors experience.

As a business or facility owner, when you are searching for commercial window treatments, you need to be mindful of the many factors, such as the functionality, temperature regulation, and privacy of each window covering. In this blog, we are going to cover some other important considerations to think about when choosing commercial window shades for your workspace.

Understand the Purpose Of Shades

Before you begin exploring your different commercial shade options, it helps to think about your needs and wants. As mentioned, natural lighting is best for offices and is proven to boost productivity so you will want to look for a solution that provides that as well as privacy, temperature regulation, light control, and other factors. Determine what the purpose is for your commercial shades. Are you looking to add privacy to executive offices? Are there sun-drenched areas that could benefit from light filtration? Or maybe you are trying to find a solution that will help lower your business’s energy consumption or to maintain a certain temperature for inventory purposes. Whatever the reason you are interested in commercial shades is, know that you can meet many of your company’s needs by choosing the right commercial shades.

Think About Maintenance And Durability

In most cases, anything consider commercial tends to be stronger, more durable, and longer-lasting. The type of workspace environment you are choosing commercial shades for, such as an office, studio, or even a warehouse, will help you determine whether or not you should be looking for shades that are extremely durable. Maintenance and cleaning is another thing that needs to be considered — because of the higher amount of traffic, commercial shades may become dirty or experience wear if the proper maintenance precautions are not followed.

Figure Out If Custom Commercial Shades Are Needed

Many commercial buildings often have windows that are much larger than the ones in your home, plus there is often a lot of variation from one window, room, or floor to the next. Be sure to know the sizing requirements of your space before purchasing a shading system for it. If your space has windows that are larger than standard sizes, do not worry! Fortunately, custom commercial shade options are available.

Consider Special Features

Many commercial shades have special features that can make them more convenient and easy to use. Motorized commercial shades make opening and closing shades easy with just the touch of a button. Many motorized options can be integrated into your business’s automation system. Timers, computer controls, and sun sensors are other features that help create a sun control solution that fits your needs.

Work With The Right Supplier

Make sure to find a good commercial shade supplier to work with so that you can ensure you are getting the best solution for your workspace. At DropShade Texas, we have helped many of Texas’ top businesses find and install the perfect shading solutions for their space. We design, manufacture, and install a wide range of sun and glare protection and privacy options that are unmatched when it comes to style, durability, and beauty!

Ready To Find Commercial Shades For Your Texas Business?

Considering the factors above will make choosing the right commercial shades for your business much easier. Whenever you need commercial or office shades, you can rely on DropShade Texas to find and install the best solution for your space. We manufacture our shades from high-grade materials and back our products with a 15-year warranty. Plus we have a wide assortment of fabrics, textures, colors, and styles to choose from! To find the right commercial drop shades for your space, contact us today!